Tips On Decorating a Long Wall In The Living Room

A long wall can make or break the feel of your living room. The right decor can create warmth and an inviting atmosphere; the wrong one can create a cold, cavernous space that’s unwelcoming to even the most well-intentioned guests. It’s important to think about your style, the size of your space, and what you want to accomplish with the room as you plan out how to decorate it so you can come up with an elegant look that works well in your home.

Creating a decorating long wall living room is easier than you might think, as it doesn’t require too much of an overhaul like some other design spaces do. There are a handful of other tricks that can be done with candles, lighting and artwork placement to create the perfect long wall living room.

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Best Designs For Long Walls

What Should Go On A Long Wall? : If you have a long, blank wall, it can be hard to know how to best utilize that space. Luckily, there are plenty of options for what you can put on your long walls.
You can go with something bold and dramatic like art, or you can play it subtle and put shelves there. With so many options available, how do you decide what’s best for your long walls? The following tips will help give you some inspiration to get started. Whether you want to add one thing or three things to your long wall space, these ideas are sure to spark some creativity for decorating long walls in any room of your home.

Best Colors For Long Walls

Red, blue, and orange colors will work well with long walls. When choosing colors for long walls, it is best to stick to two colors at most. For example, you can paint one side of a long wall red and another side blue. Combining different shades of one color works well too if you want to add more colors without making your space look busy. When using more than two colors for painting long walls make sure that they are close enough in tone to not stand out from each other too much.

Pick a focal point for decorate long wall living room

In most cases, your focal point will be at least one of your windows. If you have no natural light or are renting an apartment with windows that let in little to no natural light, consider hanging curtains that allow you to darken and style your space as needed. In some cases, select furniture for your long wall that reflects light into other areas of your home; for example, a mirrored coffee table can bounce sunlight around your living room.

Add vertical elements to a big space

Decorate long wall living room can add vertical elements, such as paintings or artwork that hang from your walls, to break up a large space. Tall plants and potted trees also help make small spaces look larger. Frame an opening: Use wood paneling or wainscoting to frame an opening that leads into another area of your home, such as into a dining room or kitchen. Focal points create interest : Add focal points to each corner of your living room to direct viewers’ eyes through each part of the space.

Balance the room to decorate long wall living room

When it comes to designing or decorating any space, balance is key. In most cases, you want to divide your space into an active and quiet half. So, for example, if you have a long wall in your living room , that can be an excellent place to provide your active side. Think of it as playing offense and defense. Here are some tips you can apply
1 . Make it dynamic. If you don’t have much going on, add something more visually stimulating than just paint or wallpaper. Add some prints and interesting frames, as well as some gorgeous art to add depth and texture to your space.
2 . Create some separation. You want to keep things from feeling too crowded or cluttered, so you’ll want to create some separation between different pieces of furniture.
3 . Create a focal point. If you want to create some interest and eye-catching appeal, create a focal point for your long wall.


Decorate long wall living room Tips You Can Use Today! Most people today want to make their homes into some sort of castle. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for yourself or if you’re doing it for someone else, we all want our home to be as nice as possible. But that is easier said than done. There are some rooms that have special challenges; most often these rooms have something like a long wall.

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